The pressure-regulator


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With an installation of compressed air it is necessary to use the right pressure level in the system. When pressure is too low some of its functions will not be fulfilled. When pressure is too high unnecessary energy is put into the creation of the pressure and the equipment will decay faster.

The pressure of the air coming out of the regulator has to be adjusted to a certain level. This air will press to the membrane. If pressure is high enough it will cause a force high enough to impress the spring and thus closing the valve which is connected on the rod. Flow has stopped now until there is air being used in the system after the regulator causing a drop of pressure and therefore enabling the spring to unfold and open the valve.

Using the knob on top we can adjust the strength of the spring and thus the pressure after the valve. The greater the strength of the spring, the greater pressure should be to close the valve.

Keep in mind: this pressure-regulator is used to adjust pressure in the system, not to adjust the flow. A speed regulator valve is used for adjustment of air-flow.